The green revolution in India was a breakthrough that helped ensure food security for a vast majority of India's population. However, the flip sides of the green revolution are only now becoming apparent.

Over the years, indiscriminate usage of chemicals in pesticides and fertilisers has resulted in long lasting and grave damage to the human population, livestock, soil, groundwater and the general environment, leading to

  1. Loss of bio diversity
  2. Contamination: soil, air & groundwater
  3. Pesticide resistance among pests
  4. Chronic heath ailments

Today, the ever-increasing human population, coupled with a rise in per capita income, is resulting in higher demand for better quality food in increasing volumes.

Biotechnology-driven agriculture holds the key to meet these growing food requirements of the population. It has the capability to generate a higher and better quality yield without compromising on the health and sustainability aspects of farming.

CAV, a key player in the agri- biotechnology spaceofferspractical solutions that take care of any concerns about food safety and about food production in sufficient quantities for the masses

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