Advantages of Zero Residue farming

A comparison between chemical-based agriculture and Zero Residue Cultivation clearly indicates that Zero Residue CultivationTM has an advantage in terms of efficacy, economy, safety and sustainability.

Parameters Chemical Based Agriculture Zero Residue CultivationTM
Type of action Preventive and curative Preventive and curative
Human Health and Safety Adverse impact Natural product: safe for human consumption
Soil Health Degrades over a period of time. Enhances & helps improve the soil quality.
Ecological impact Affects natural bio diversity including water contamination Improves Bio-diversity
Yields Declines gradually Promotes growth while protecting crops, thereby ensuring high yields.
Costs Reasonably priced. On par with chemical pesticides, but products provide longer-term protection with lower application rate.
Sustainability Yields deteriorate progressively; not suited for the long term Affordable & sustainable practice ensuring long term productivity
Consistency Relatively consistent production techniques and quality The production process is standardized with high quality parameters adhered to, in order to ensure safe food
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