Our Technology

CAV has pioneered the concept of Zero ResidueCultivation. Zero Residue Cultivation is a sustainable, reliable and comprehensive alternative to chemical based agriculture.

Zero Residue Cultivation is based on a simple premise: food should contain no chemical additives that can potentially be harmful to the consumer, farmer or the environment. It is about going back to the basics- looking at agriculture from the perspective of 'zero harm' to any entity in the entire agricultural value chain.

Based on bio technological innovations, Zero Residue farming uses naturally derived biocides and bio-fertilizers to protect crops and enhance growth. This ensures that there are no harmful chemicals being used in the entire cultivation process.

Agri-Inputs (Biocides, Bio fertilizers & hybrid seeds)

Camson's range of agri-inputs viz. Biocides is derived using secondary metabolites extracted from various microbes to produce the desired effects with a target specific range of activity.

Bio-fertilizers & Bio stimulants, on the other hand, contain microbes that promote plant growth and health by increasing the supply of nutrients to the plant& soil.

Benefits to Consumers:

  1. Safe food
  2. Zero contamination
  3. Eco-friendly
  4. Free from harmful agrochemicals

Benefits to Farmers:

  1. Resistance Management:
  2. Biocides are purely based on a combination of microbial extracts with multiple mode of action, which ensures that pests encountered are unable to develop resistance.
  3. Maximum Residue Limits (MRL):
  4. The zero residue farming practice address the concern of a MRL's of a chemical pesticide or fertilizer associated with the farm produce, since there is none left over on the Zero Residue produce.
  5. Re-entry Intervals
  6. Usage of any chemical pesticide necessitates a gap between the time of application of that pesticide and entry of human beings into that area without protective clothing or gear.This re-entry interval is eliminated in case of Camson's range of agri-inputs.
  7. No Collateral Damage
  8. Camson's Biocides are target-specific and do not affect the natural flora n fauna. Neither do they lead to any kind of soil, groundwater or air contamination thus help to restore the natural bio diversity.
  9. Safe for Farm Workers
  10. Zero Residue Cultivation practices ensure that farm workers are not exposed to harmful agro-chemicals, thus reducing the risk of various health ailments.

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