Organized Retail & Exports

The expansion of organized F&V retail is increasingly creating a demand for high quality, innovative & affordable food products. The organized retailers look for assured supply and consistent quality of the produce. CAV is meeting this demand from the organized retail market through its farm operations providing Fresh & Safe Zero Residue™ Produce.

The retailers are assured of quality and consistent produce of Fresh & IQF Frozen F&V through a dedicated supply chain network under our Brand Camson Fresh & Safe™

An increasing awareness of the drawbacks & pitfalls of chemical based cultivations practice, has translated into a demand for products that are free from harmful agrochemicals and have been farmed responsibly. Our Global GAP Certification is testimony to the fact that our products appeal to the discerning international customer. We are taking rapid strides in making Camson Fresh & Safe™ available to as many international markets as possible.

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