Management Team


Dhirendra Kumar

A technocrat with an abiding passion for R&D, Mr. Dhirendra Kumar, the founder of the Camson Group of Companies, has led Camson's pioneering research in sciences like intragenics & metagenomics. Under him, the company has spearheaded the concept of Zero Residue agri-inputs.

Prior to starting Camson, Mr. Kumar worked with ITC, Pioneer Seed Co. & Ranbaxy where he made a name for himself by launching new products & achieving new heights of profitability.


Rohit Sareen

Mr. Rohit Sareen is the Director & Head of CAV- Camson's Forward Integration Initiative in Agriculture. At CAV he is responsible for managing the company and taking the Fresh & Safe Brand to the end customers. With a strong interest in the sustainable agriculture sector Mr. Sareen is a strong proponent of Zero Residue Cultivation for the global markets. He is also responsible for managing the institutional & international business of Camson Bio Technologies Limited.

As an Investment Management & Consumer Banking Professional, he has previously worked globally with Merrill Lynch International and Citibank Singapore Ltd across various leadership roles.


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