• Overview

Farmer ConnectTM

CAV's world class capabilities across each aspect of the agriculture value chain are built with technology being a key enabler. These capabilities, in turn, enable us to customise our product and service offerings based on customer requirements.

Equipped with its in-house technology, CAV reaches out to large farmer groups such as farmer cooperatives, welfare societies, growers associations, NGOs, etc. through the Farmer ConnectTM Model. Through this model, CAV introduces the farmers to new crops with key focus on crop diversification, latest technologies and best practices in growing techniques, and agronomy support. CAV also provides support in ensuring a market for their produce, ultimately enabling a sustainable & assured revenue stream for them.

At CAV, the customer requirement becomes the starting point for the product development process. Based on the customer requirement, we are able to align our product development and the actual production. We are placed in a unique position – so that we can deliver almost any produce, whether fresh or processed, as per the customer requirement of assured quality and production volumes.

On the demand side, the Farmer ConnectTM model also enables us to cater to different requirements of horticultural and agricultural products like Coriander, Spinach, Black pepper, Cardamom, Cloves, Herbs & many more

Depending on the market requirement, we are also in a position to cater to processed F&V requirements of

  1. IQF- Dices, Chunks, Balls of all Fruits& Vegetables
  2. IQF- All Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs
  3. Freeze Dried F&V
  4. Puree & Paste
  5. Cans & Jars (in Brine or vinegar)
  6. Powder & Flakes

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