Farm Management

Farming today includes many facets involving technology that did not exist a few years from now. Our farm management approach blends the knowledge of the past with technologies of today in order to plan the change for future. Our focus is to realize the true intrinsic value of land, and also convert fallow land into greener pastures. This is attained in the most environmental friendly and sustainable manner &through gathering, storing & interpreting information and applying the new age agri-biotechnology.All of CAV's farm management initiatives adhere to Global GAP Standards.

As an important part of our operations, we focus on advising farmers on more progressive crops and growing techniques that facilitate the farmer to ensure high yields as well as significantly better price realisation for their produce.

CAV gets involved in all aspects of Farm Management:

  1. Organization & Planning- Farm planning & Supervision
  2. Agronomic Advise
  3. Inputs procurement
  4. Soil Fertility & Crop Management
  5. Financial control & management
  6. Produce Marketing & Distribution
  7. Protecting the environment and maintaining biodiversity

Key Benefits include

  1. Access to production inputs, new technologies, methods of cultivation and agronomic advice
  2. Ecology-friendly and sustainable farming practices
  3. Safer farm produce-Zero Residue™
  4. Assured price realisation for produce
  5. Camson Fresh & Safe™ brand for the end consumers


At Camson, considerable effort has been put into getting the right people on board to run the farm operation. The farms are managed by teams comprising of highly-qualified agronomists, farm managers and trained field assistants. Each farm being managed by CAV is managed by a dedicated team. This team is responsible for all aspects of farm management and ensuring that the process is eco-friendly, economical, and at the same time maximizes the yield potential.

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