About Camson Bio Technologies

Camson Bio Technologies Limited is India’s leading agricultural bio technology company based out of Bengaluru, India.

Camson was set up in 1993 to provide an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to chemical-based agricultural products which cause serious environmental degradation due to their indiscriminate use. Over the past couple of decades, Camson has successfully developed products that are safer, more effective, less invasive and more economical than conventional chemical-based products.

Camson believes innovation in agricultural science and technology is the most powerful means to realize its vision of creating a healthy and disease-free society. Right from discovery to product development, Camson has the defining science and multi-product manufacturing capabilities to bring the latest & the most innovative biotechnologies to farmers.

Camson undertakes cutting-edge research, combining the latest in plant breeding, molecular genetics and metagenomics in agriculture with best practices in environmental safety and protection to develop and market a wide range of products. These include biocides, bio-fertilisers and hybrid seeds that are Zero Residue in nature, non-poisonous and economical at the same time.

Website: www.camsonbiotechnologies.com

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